​​​Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis and will require a non-refundable 25% deposit. The remaining balance is then to be paid within 30-60 days. During this time, you can be sure that your animal continues to receive the same high-quality care as the rest of the animals in my collection.

Terms & conditions

Payment Plans

Shipping & Health Guarantee

​general guarantee

Genetics Guarantee

Non-visual (heterozygous recessive) genetics are fully guaranteed and I will provide a signed genetics guarantee with your purchase. Due to the increasing diversity in ball python combos I am working with, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify with 100% certainty the incomplete dominant genes in my animals. I will, however, always use my experience in identifying these genes and combinations and share with you the pairing that produced the animal so you can make the most informed decision possible when making a purchase.

At E.B. Ball Pythons, I guarantee all of the animals I produce to be healthy, properly sexed, and feeding at the time of sale (unless otherwise noted).

I accept cash, check, money order, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Under no circumstances will I ship an animal without payment in full. If you choose to pay via check or money order, I will ship only once payment has cleared my bank.

Payment Methods

All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good health. Animals will be shipped Tuesday - Wednesday via FedEx Express Overnight to your address or the nearest FedEx hub for pickup. Someone must be present to receive the box on the first delivery attempt. Please inspect all animals immediately upon receipt. As a courtesy, I greatly appreciate a quick note at that time to let me know you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If there is a health issue with your animal, you must notify me within the first 8 hours via email or by phone/text.

​Please note that I reserve the right to delay shipping for any reason that I feel would be of benefit to the health of the animal.