2013 - OPERATION:  ball python After nearly 9 years in the pet retail business, it finally happened. I purchased my first ball python morph - a hatchling female Butter Pastel. One became four, which turned into 16 within the next 18 months, and before too long I was pairing these beautiful animals.

Fast forward to 2015 when, on July 3, I hatched my first clutch of designer ball pythons - 6 healthy babies from a clutch of 6 good eggs. If I wasn't sure before, that day sealed the deal: this is where I belong. I am on the most amazing journey of my professional life, and am excited share it with you.

- Eric

There is truly something for everyone when it comes to ball pythons, and that's exactly why I love them. They are the perfect combination of art and science - diverse works of living genetic art. 

2004 - Two worlds combine I have always been a creative person with a place in my heart for all animals - soft and scaley. While pursuing my bachelor's of science degree in Microbiology in Tempe, AZ, I took a part-time job in the pet retail business. How blissfully unaware I was at the time that those two interests, animals and the sciences, would so naturally come together several years later.

After earning my degree, I quickly learned my true calling was to become a full-time "pet retail junkie". I continued to educate myself in quality animal care in order to best help my customers and their pets.

MY Short Biography